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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about AlbionStatus

What is AlbionStatus?

AlbionStatus is a fan-driven service that provides information about the Albion Online server, including the server status and information about it's location and daily maintenance.

So.. this is no official service?

Nope, it is not! We are no official part of Albion Online, not sponsored or endorsed of SBI.

Do we even need this now? There is an official server status page as well

No, there is no official server status page anymore. AlbionStatus is the only server status tracker existing at the moment.

Your logo font is terrible man! It says AlbionGtatuf... WTF?!

I chose that font because it is the official Albion font. It might be hard to read, I admit that! Fun fact: That font is an "old German" font. As you may know, the Albion Online dev team is from Germany as well!

Is this a scam page?

No, don't worry, it is not! You don't have to enter any data on the page, so you can be sure that this is no scam! Also, the whole code is open-source.

How can I contact you?

You can tweet our Twitter bot or write us a mail at

Do you make money with this project?

Recently I've added ads to cover the hosting costs, but besides the ad revenue, which is quite small, I don't make any money with AlbionStatus!

Can I see your code? What's your tech stack?

Good questions! Check out our GitHub repository for all information!